Portland City Council Agenda March 4-5, 2015

Total Expenditures: $7,916,085

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Item #234 — “…to address Council regarding proposal to help everyone.” People are awesome.

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Item #236 — Allen Fremont Plaza is a 64 unit low-income senior apartment building in NE Portland. The funding will be used to leverage more financing for the project, as well as to lower the income requirements for future tenants. Making low-income housing for seniors even more affordable is a good thing.

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Item #241 — Voters first approved the Portland Children’s Levy in 2002 and have renewed it twice since. The current version will run through 2018 and is expected to collect more than $12 million a year. This item just distributes some of that money.

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Item #248 – Authorizes contracts for testing and analysis of city streets because PBOT doesn’t own the necessary equipment. Up to $500,000

Item #249 – Give those PBOT enforcers their badges! According to PBOT Director Leah Treat, this codifies existing authority that PBOT inspectors have for enforcing code against renegade Uber drivers. This “cures a glitch” per Fish. This sounded way more exciting than it turned out to be.

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Item #250 – The City approved permits for a couple of apartment buildings. The Northwest District Association is appealing the decision on a couple of grounds, including how the process was handled. Here is some more info about the design. http://www.nextportland.com/2014/12/01/tess-obrien-apartments/


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Item #251 — And for Thursday, three hours on the West Quadrant Plan. Start here: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/bps/61672