Portland City Council Agenda February 4-5, 2015


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Got to love Joe Walsh. Only he would address council regarding scheduling a communication. His delivery is brash, but listen carefully and you’ll find he knows his issues, and his passion livens up what can sometimes be very tedious proceedings.

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Item #133 – Second reading. Extends a permit given to PSU to create an “Electric Avenue,” basically a bunch of free charging stations for electric vehicles. PSU is going to move the stations to other parts of the city. There is no financial impact to the city.

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Item #134 – Vote and takes effect immediately. Enters into an agreement with DEQ to meet deadlines for building a pump stations, etc. No financial impact to this.

Item #135 – Vote on last weeks Agenda Item #114 – suing Pabst for making their unicorn look too much like a reindeer.

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Portland Parks & Rec starting to spend some of the bond money.

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Item #145 concerns affordable housing. This is important.

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